How to be a legend. Without trying.

Steve McQueen was Hollywood’s ‘King of Cool’ in the 1960s. His looks, effortless style and anti-hero persona helped stamp his mark on the history books of the big screen.

McQueen ran away from home at a young age, spent time in the United States Marine Corp and then transitioned to acting. His role as Bullitt is iconic. I dare you to watch the film and say that man doesn’t smoulder!

He made awesome look easy. He became a legend in his time. His status endures.

But do you need to be a Hollywood…

The aftermath of the storm — two tents, one buried under snow and the location marked by skis and poles.

In May 2018, I set off with a team of fellow expeditioners (real word?) to cross Greenland. Not a ski tour, but a full expedition (the differences are subtle, but important especially when it comes to finding the massive surety required should a team need to be extracted off of the ice cap). Before we delve into the story, I have to thank Lou Rudd (the British Army office who recently became the first Briton to cross the Antarctic) for all his effort in arranging the trip.

If you’ve read my recent ‘How to cross Greenland guide’ you’ll understand that…

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